If awful customers were supervillains

Publicado 12 julio 2016
Duración del video: 2 Mín.. 8 sec..
This is a humorous video about what would happen if cafe and restaurant visitors were not just dissatisfied, nitpicking clients, but were real film villains.
Palabras recomendadas
to base - basar
a beverage - bebida
bottomless - sin fondo
a customer - cliente
a discount - descuento
free of charge - gratis
generous - generoso
to hurry - apresurar
it's safe to say - Es seguro decir
juicy - jugoso
justice has been served - justicia ha sido servida
kale - col rizada
to offer - ofrecer
overall - total
personal touch - toque personal
precious - precioso
preference - preferencia
a receipt - recepción
to receive - recibir
to redeem - redimir
to satisfy - satisfacer
a shrimp - camarón
splendid - espléndido
a tip - propina
traffic - tráfico
trouble - problema
a waitress - camarera
we'll see about that - ya lo veremos
weakness - debilidad