Publicado 4 marzo 2016
Types of English

Types of English

продолжительность: 3:49
Posted on 4 marzo 2016
Meet Hugh! The first native conducting video lessons on Puzzle English. This video will focus on accents and their role in language learning. Hugh will also talk about several typical mistakes that he noticed his Russian students made.
Inglés con Hugh
Palabras recomendadas
an accent - acento
to answer - responder
be based on - estar basado en
boring - aburrido
confidence - confianza
to continue - continuar
to develop - desarrollar
focus - foco
to force - forzar
to happen - suceder
an individual - individuo
to introduce - introducir
mate - mate
to meet - conocer
a mistake - error
a preposition - preposición
a psychologist - psicólogo
skill - habilidad
tell the difference - di la diferencia
thankfully - agradecidamente
to throw - lanzar
type - tipo
to understand - entender
variety - variedad
wait a minute - espera un minuto