Publicado 6 June 2018
One day of a Roman legionnaire

One day of a Roman legionnaire

продолжительность: 4:33
Posted on 6 June 2018
Although emperors can take much credit for the power of the Roman Empire, its prosperity would not be possible without its loyal soldiers. Watch this video to find out what was an ordinary day of a Roman legionnaire like in 15 A.D.
Ted-Ed, Historia
Palabras recomendadas
along - a lo largo
ambush - emboscada
to consider - considerar
to crave - pedir
credit - crédito
despite - a pesar de
to enlist - conseguir
to fall - caer
to gamble - jugar
glory - gloria
grueling - agotador
headway - progreso
to intend - intentar
keep alert - Mantente alerta
live something down - vivir algo abajo
a mutiny - motín
a nightmare - pesadilla
a prospect - perspectiva
to prosper - prosperar
push on - empujar
to recall - recordar
retirement - jubilación
service - servicio
sinister - siniestro
tension - tensión
unlucky - desafortunado
a weapon - arma
wife-to-be - esposa futura

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