Talking about Suggestions

conjuntos: Inglés simple
Publicado 22 June 2017
Duración del video: 0 Mín.. 40 sec..
A small dialogue about suggestions, from which you'll learn several simple ways to express your ideas, and also see how you can react to good and not very good suggestions.
Palabras recomendadas
a box - caja
casual - casual
to create - crear
dress - vestido
how about - qué tal si
I wonder - me pregunto
interesting - interesante
to open - abrir
a page - página
to read - leer
to suggest - sugerir
a suggestion - sugerencia
  • Marjorie Munoz Guzman
    Marjorie Munoz Guzman
    Gracias por enviar edtos videos,son atractivos e ilustrativos.Me encantan la pareja,

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