Publicado 11 October 2017
Math professor ‘fixes’ projector screen

Math professor ‘fixes’ projector screen

продолжительность: 2:43
Posted on 11 October 2017
A math professor played a joke on his students on April Fools' Day: he "occasionally" drew something on the projector screen with a marker and, not sure what to do in such a situation, decided to find some help on YouTube. It turned out this problem was not so easy to solve!
Palabras recomendadas
a little bit - un poco
accidentally - accidentalmente
catch on fire - prenderse fuego
to draw - dibujar
farther - más lejos
finally - finalmente
get rid of - deshacerse de
to grab - agarrar
hold on - aguantar
oh my gosh - Oh Dios mío
out of the way - extraño
right here - aquí
search for - buscar
there you go - ahí tienes
uh-oh - UH oh
you know what - Sabes que

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