Publicado 7 June 2018
Words and expressions for summer
(part 1)

Words and expressions for summer
(part 1)

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Posted on 7 June 2018
Ali is an English teacher from the UK. In his lessons, he covers topics important for all learners so that it becomes simply unreal to forget something! Finally it's summer, and to help you during the warm days, Ali prepared some useful summer expressions. In the first part, Ali will talk about the rainy weather and what happens when the sun finally comes out. P.S. Knowing which expression helped Bruce Willis's hero figure out criminals in Die Hard-3? The answer is in this video!
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Palabras recomendadas
as soon as - tan pronto como
burned - quemar
chuck it down - arrójalo
come out - salir
commonly - comúnmente
to disappear - desaparecer
glow - brillo
to happen - suceder
lucky - afortunado
painful - doloroso
piss down - cabrear
pour down - echar, vaciar
rainy - lluvioso
to rob - robar
to sunbathe - tomar el sol
tag along - seguir despacio su camino
take advantage of - aprovechar
tanned - bronceado
to throw - lanzar
a vault - bóveda

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