Publicado 1 April 2018
One Amazing Day: Iguanas

One Amazing Day: Iguanas

продолжительность: 8:8
Posted on 1 April 2018
Galapagos Islands are home to amazing marine iguanas. Every morning they lounge on the rocks to warm themselves in the sun and revitalise themselves. However, the snakes dwelling nearby may pose a serious danger to marine iguanas. They are not strong enough to deal with adult iguanas, so they pick newborns as their prey.
Palabras recomendadas
an achievement - logro
adult - adulto
an ambush - emboscada
to bury - enterrar
to crawl - arrastrarse
a creature - criatura
dangerous - peligroso
to detect - detectar
to emerge - surgir
an enemy - enemigo
escape - escape
a glimpse - vislumbre
isolated - aislado
keep one's nerve - mantener el nervio
lap up - absorber
make a decision - Toma una decision
marine - marino
movement - movimiento
muscle - músculo
on alert - en alerta
opportunity - oportunidad
soak up - absorber
to sprawl - tumbarse
supercharged - sobrealimentar
trouble - molestar
underground - bajo tierra
unusual - raro
warm up - calentar

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