Mog’s Christmas calamity
(Christmas advert)

conjuntos: Anuncios, Año Nuevo
Publicado 5 enero 2017
Duración del video: 3 Mín.. 20 sec..
"Share the holiday" is a traditional Christmas advert by the supermarket chain Sainsbury's. This video tells the story of a cat named Mog that occasionally starts a chain of extremely unpleasant events, and the Thomas family may find themselves without Christmas as a result. Will Mog be able to correct the situation?
Palabras recomendadas
all clear - final de la alarma
at all - en absoluto
at least - al menos
a bat - murciélago
a boss - jefe
to bring - traer
a captain - capitán
to deserve - merecer
to dream - soñar
an eve - víspera
everyone else - todos los demás
exactly - exactamente
finally - finalmente
fire chief - jefe de bomberos
to follow - seguir
to gather - reunir
a medal - medalla
a neighbour - vecino
a nightmare - pesadilla
of course - ¡Por supuesto!
save the day - salvar la situación
sweet - dulce
there you go - ahí tienes
would rather - preferiría