Publicado 23 February 2015
Lyube – In the Army Now

Lyube – In the Army Now

продолжительность: 3:10
Posted on 23 February 2015
This is an iconic song by British rock band Status Quo, performed by another popular band.
Música rock
Palabras recomendadas
bed - cama
do the best - Haz lo mejor
a draft - borrador
for good - para siempre
foreign land - tierra extranjera
get out - salir
a grenade - granada
land - tierra
a missile - misil
order - orden
ring out - anillo fuera
a sergeant - sargento
shoot on sight - disparar al verlo
to stand - estar
stand up - levantarse
to survive - sobrevivir a
a trigger - gatillo
an uncle - tío
vacation - vacaciones

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