Publicado 10 septiembre 2016
Imagine Dragons — It’s Time

Imagine Dragons — It’s Time

продолжительность: 4:6
Posted on 10 septiembre 2016
Imagine Dragons are an American indie rock band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2008. They became well-known after the release of their debut studio album "Night Visions" in September 2012. The single "It's Time" from their first album peaked number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100, number four on the Billboard Alternative and Billboard Rock, before being certified platinum later.
Palabras recomendadas
to admit - admitir
after all - después de todo
at night - por la noche
a bag - bolsa
bottom - fondo
burn down - incendiar
burn to ashes - quemar a las cenizas
clouded - oscurecer
a commodity - mercancía
to fall - caída
give a rain check - dar un control de lluvia
hold back - contener
it is time - es hora
to leave - dejar
let down - bajar
lonely - solo
look back - mirar hacia atrás
to pack - paquete
a path - camino
a pit - pozo
rag - trapo
spent - gastado

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