Publicado 8 diciembre 2018
History vs. Henry VIII

History vs. Henry VIII

продолжительность: 5:1
Posted on 8 diciembre 2018
He was a powerful king whose break with the church of Rome would forever change the course of English history. But was he a charismatic reformer who freed his subjects from a corrupt establishment or a bullying tyrant who used Parliament for his own personal gain?
Ted-Ed, Historia
Palabras recomendadas
be willing to - estar dispuesto a
beg to differ - empecemos a diferir
charismatic - carismático
comfort - comodidad
common - común
corrupt - corrupto
dashing - apuesto
to debase - degradar
to ensure - asegurar
exactly - exactamente
grandiosity - grandiosidad
indeed - en efecto
major - mayor
a minister - ministro
a model - modelo
a nation - nación
a population - población
a reformer - reformador
a surplus - superávit
to uproot - desarraigar