Guess How Much I Love You

Publicado 1 marzo 2015
Duración del video: 4 Mín.. 46 sec..
This is an animated version of Sam McBratney's wonderful book "Guess How Much I Love You".
Palabras recomendadas
all the way - todo el camino
as far as - hasta
to bed - alojar
to bounce - rebotar
close - cercano
close by - muy cerca
a foot - pie
to guess - adivinar
to hold - mantener
to hop - saltar
kiss good night - beso de buenas noches
lean over - inclinarse
to lie - mentir
quite - bastante
to reach - llegar
right up to - derecho hasta
to settle - resolver
sleepy - soñoliento
to smile - sonreír
stretch out - extender
a thorn - espina
a tree - árbol
a trunk - tronco
to tumble - caer
upside down - al revés