These Strange Fungi

conjuntos: Naturaleza
Publicado 27 enero 2014
Duración del video: 0 Mín.. 58 sec..
Many people are still not sure what fungi are. Someone thinks of them as a plant, and someone considers them a living organism. This short video offers some information about fungi's ability to develop even in what seems to be the most adverse living conditions.
Palabras recomendadas
to absorb - absorber
to allow - permitir
to attract - atraer
a cockroach - cucaracha
a creature - criatura
to enhance - mejorar
fungus - hongo
to inherit - heredar
meantime - mientras tanto
mushroom - de hongos
a mutation - mutación
a myth - mito
a radiation - radiación
a shield - escudo
spherical - esférico
to thrive - prosperar
treatment - tratamiento