Publicado 3 marzo 2018
Subject-Verb Agreement
(part 1)

Subject-Verb Agreement
(part 1)

продолжительность: 2:30
Posted on 3 marzo 2018
Dan is an English teacher at BBC Learning English. In his lessons, he explains complex grammatical topics in simple examples. In this video, Dan will quickly and clearly explain the subject-verb agreement in the cases when the singular and plural forms of the noun coincide, and when uncountable nouns, collective nouns or adjectives are used instead of usual nouns in a sentence.
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Palabras recomendadas
an adjective - adjetivo
agreement - acuerdo
around the world - alrededor del mundo
because of - debido a
careful - cuidadoso
to change - cambiar
collective noun - sustantivo colectivo
to describe - describir
despite - a pesar de
difficult - difícil
especially - especialmente
exactly the same - exactamente lo mismo
extinction - extinción
fantastic - fantástico
to forget - olvidar
glasses - anteojos
to happen - suceder
hit it - Golpealo
a learner - aprendiz
make a mistake - equivocarse
to mean - significar
an object - objeto
an officer - oficial
plural - plural
to report - informar
a subject - sujeto
trousers - pantalones
uncountable - incontable