Publicado 16 August 2017
What are phrasal verbs?

What are phrasal verbs?

продолжительность: 2:12
опубликовано 16 August 2017
Dan is an English teacher at BBC Learning English. In his lessons, he explains complex grammatical topics in simple examples. In this video, Dan will try to explain in 90 seconds what phrasal verbs are and why they are difficult to use.
Inglés con la BBC
Palabras recomendadas
to arrive - llegar
break down - romper
to consider - considerar
difficult - difícil
direct - directo
first of all - ante todo
get up - levantarse
here we go - ¡Ahí vamos!
individual - individual
kick off - comenzar
to mean - significar
meaning - significado
to require - exigir
to separate - separar
a shirt - camisa
stand out - destacar
switch off - desconectar
take a look at - echa un vistazo a
take off - despegar
the whole thing - toda la cosa
this time - esta vez
tired - cansado
turn up - aparecer
when it comes to - cuando se trata de