Benedict Cumberbatch and The Sign of the Four

conjuntos: Famosos, Sesame Street
Publicado 27 septiembre 2017
Duración del video: 2 Mín.. 11 sec..
Sesame Street is an international educational children's TV programme that has been aired since 1969. In this reel the actor Benedict Cumberbatch, assisted by his friend Count von Count, will be solving a brain-bending challenge from his arch-rival Murray-arty.
Palabras recomendadas
to act - actuar
an archnemesis - archienemigo
brain-bending - cerebros
challenge - reto
correct - correcto
to count - contar
figure out - descifrar
greetings - recuerdos
luscious - delicioso
to mean - significar
to miss - perder
of course - ¡Por supuesto!
perplexing - confuso
a sleuth - detective
to stump - desconcertar en algo
you see - Lo ves