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Publicado 7 marzo 2014
Duración del video: 2 Mín.. 4 sec..
Beryl is a humorous short film, the script of which was written by an English scriptwriter Sarah Page. The phrases in the video are short and simple, so even beginners can watch it without problems.
Palabras recomendadas
a biscuit - galleta
a bit - poco
to dance - bailar
to dream - soñar
to forget - olvidar
go on - encenderse
a honeymoon - luna de miel
how is it going? - ¿Cómo está?
a husband - marido
a kitchen - cocina
to meet - conocer
to miss - perder
nice - agradable
rain - lluvia
to remember - recordar
shame - vergüenza
to share - compartir
to steal - robar
take over - asumir
wake up - despertarse
weather - tiempo