Publicado 29 noviembre 2017
The science of Internet trolls

The science of Internet trolls

продолжительность: 2:38
Posted on 29 noviembre 2017
You probably come across some people on the Internet that leave a lot of negative comments trying to provoke the others. Such comments often cause a desire to react emotionally. But what are Internet trolls in fact? May it be a good idea not to pay too much attention to their words?
Palabras recomendadas
average - medio
to avoid - evitar
can't seem to - no puede parecer
carry over - posponer
cruelty - crueldad
to decide - decidir
a deviant - desviado
to diminish - disminuir
distress - angustiar
effort - esfuerzo
following - siguiente
in real life - en la vida real
an individual - individuo
an issue - cuestión
not likely - ¡De ninguna manera!
over time - horas extraordinarias
pleasurable - agradable
present - presente
response - respuesta
responsibility - responsabilidad
reward - recompensa
scale - escala
successful - exitoso
that is - es decir

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